We understand your project is unique.

Before we provide an estimate, we first want to hear what your business objectives and goals for the project are so we can make the best recommendations for success.



Project Scope

Together we can determine if you need story strategy, content development, visual concept design, or only production. And, we evaluate your existing stage of the project, where our involvement will be, and where we can provide the most value and support from our services.



It’s important to understand your specific initiatives, and how they fit into an overall strategy. We believe that the story should be consistent throughout all the audience touchpoints, and we provide a wide range of services to deliver this throughline. We help identify and clarify if your specific deliverable is the right format to achieve your goals.

If it’s a presentation, we want to clarify if it’s for a corporate template and just need a quick polish, or whether you need a highly custom animated presentation that tells a great story with custom visual concepts to make an impact.



Tell us if you have an upcoming meeting or a big initiative to deliver. Based on the scope and complexity, we can determine if this is an urgent need or a longer-term engagement. Either way, we are responsive in both scenarios and can scale up with resources to address your needs.


Project-Based Pricing

Once we determine the key factors of the project, we will create a proposal with the specific scope of work detail along with timelines, and fixed cost structure for the work.

Retainer Agreement

We offer on-going monthly retainer arrangements for clients with consistent volumes of work. This level of engagement provides you with the resources and depth of experience for all of your strategic goals and the ability to execute your initiatives. We are your strategic creative partner and an extension of your team.

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