Creative Blue: What exactly do we do?

Creative Blue: What exactly do we do?

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We’ve spent years building a company around the power of story, and we’re kicking off an ongoing dialogue that analyzes the clients, projects and ideas that have challenged us the most. Along the way, we hope to demystify the storytelling process, and inspire a new perspective on your own communication.

What do we do, exactly?

It’s a fair question, because it’s something no one else does. Simply put, we call it strategic storytelling.

In practice, that means a lot. We’ve built prototypes with seed-round startups, dissected strategies with Fortune 100 corporations, pored over financials with VC’s from across Silicon Valley, and rehearsed backstage with the world’s most influential thought leaders. In each case our job was the same: turning knowledge few will ever have into a story anyone can understand.

Each one of these stories has something fascinating at its core. We’re exposed to new business models, medical advances, technological milestones and, of course, a lot of truly brilliant minds. But innovating and communicating are two different things, and that’s where we come in. We dig deep—call it research, discovery, or even investigative journalism—until we can talk to our clients on their level, not ours. It’s a hard-won kind of insight, and we use it to bring complex, challenging ideas to global audiences without losing a shred of authenticity. In the process, we get an insider’s perspective on science, technology and the media.

Now, we’re sharing that perspective with profiles of some of our favorite projects and clients. We’re analyzing the ideas that make them unique, along with the challenges we faced in making those ideas accessible. Along the way, we hope to demystify the process of strategic storytelling—turning something complex into something elegant—and inspire you to think more deeply about your own narrative goals.

Story is our business, and we’re excited to share it with you.