Struggling with AI? Revisit Your Core Story

Struggling with AI? Revisit Your Core Story


Imagine you’re at a jazz club. There’s a band on stage, each musician a master of their instrument. But there’s a problem. They’re not in sync. The drummer’s in one world, the saxophonist in another. The music’s there, but it’s disjointed, lacking harmony. This, believe it or not, is where many businesses find themselves today, especially when it comes to trying and failing to find value in AI.

If you don’t know your tune, AI is not going to magically make up for that.

At Creative Blue, we met a startup that was like our jazz band — full of talent but out of sync. The founders, each brilliant and hugely successful in their own right, were wasting a lot of time in conflict, their vision for the company muddled in a cacophony of discordant ideas.

They came to us not just for marketing insights or a website overhaul but for something more profound: finding their collective rhythm.

Our first task was to identify the sources of this discord. We listened — not just to their words, but to the emotions and unspoken tensions behind them. Like a conductor hearing each off-key note in an orchestra, we pinpointed the areas where their vision clashed.

Then, we crafted the ‘Core Story‘ — our way of helping businesses find their groove. As the Core Story emerged, a transformation began. The founders started to hear each other. Their differing views, once a source of friction, now became harmonies in a richer, more complex song.

Here’s the best thing about AI: it’s the perfect litmus test for your business’s story. How do you know if you have a good Core Story? Answer: Does it create a “GPT” that actually produces outputs that benefit the company?

Using AI + Core Story for Investor Pitches

Crafting a pitch that resonates with investors is a delicate art. It needs to capture the essence of the business, its potential for growth, and the vision of its leaders. By feeding their Core Story into AI, the startup could generate tailored investor pitch outlines that were deeply aligned with their vision and emerging data in the industry.

The AI could:

      • Search the web
      • Analyze market trends, investor interests, and financial projections
      • Synthesize data with their narrative to create persuasive, data-backed, and emotionally resonant pitches

Let’s start by asking for a headline for a new pitch deck:

Using AI + Core Story to Respond to Recent Technological Developments

Staying ahead means rapidly adapting to industry changes and technological advancements. You need to be able to quickly respond to and highlight exciting changes in the field, quickly and succinctly. The AI system, informed by the Core Story, monitored market developments and technological trends.

The AI could:

      • Suggest strategies
      • Draft responses
      • Ensure that the company’s approach was proactive, informed, and in sync with their overarching vision

You would type, “Give me some social media posts about new developments in this technology (do an online search)”. The GPT will search the web and make social media posts on the most recent updates, and then write them in your tone and style. Let’s see how that might look:

Using AI + Core Story to Create Press Releases

Public relations is more than disseminating bland information; it’s about telling a story that engages and resonates with the audience. For crafting press releases, your Core Story keeps main company messaging consistent while tailoring the copy to address audience and subject variation.

The AI could:

      • Generate drafts that encapsulate the company’s core messages
      • Adapt to different audiences
      • Suggest publication channels based on audience demographics and preferences

You would type, “write a press release about (insert link to information)” and the GPT will quickly draft a press release on the relevant topic. Let’s see that in action:

Integrating AI into this harmonized narrative was like adding a sophisticated sound system to an already talented band. The AI, guided by the unified Core Story, began to play its part in this orchestra, amplifying their collective vision and ensuring that every strategy, every decision, remained in tune with their overarching narrative.

The impact? The founders spent less time clashing and more time creating. Their energies, once scattered, were now focused on deepening relationships, refining strategies, and amplifying their impact. It’s like watching a band that’s finally found its groove, each member playing off the others, creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

AI does not replace human creativity. It enhances it.

Imagine an AI capable of crafting investor pitches that could attract millions in funding, or responding to market changes with agility, all while maintaining the essence of their brand story. This AI became an extension of their team – not just an intern, but an army of interns, tirelessly iterating on your unified vision.

Mastering AI is not a one-time achievement but an evolving process. We help guide our clients through that process. We focus on iteration and drafting, guiding businesses to interpret and edit AI outputs, provide feedback, and refine their interaction methods. For the startup, this meant their AI usage matured alongside their business growth, continuously adapting to new challenges and market shifts.

In the end, it’s simple. If your business can’t seem to find a use for AI, maybe it’s not the AI. Maybe it’s your internal story that’s off-beat.

Aligning a Core Story with AI isn’t just about internal alignment and harmony; it’s about making a significant, measurable impact in the world with the newest and most powerful tools.

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