What’s More Important: Vision or Execution?

What’s More Important: Vision or Execution?


There’s a reason creative visionaries and operational experts are often drawn to each other.

Of course, the first example that comes to mind is at Apple: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Jobs was the visionary, known for his foresight and ability to foresee consumer needs, while Wozniak, the operations mind, was a technical genius who turned Jobs’ visions into reality. Their collaboration led to the creation of some of the most iconic products ever. But also, their rift is still something people argue about today (who really made Apple, Apple?)

There are many other famous examples, including Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and even Walt and Roy Disney.

This dynamic, though challenging, can also be a source of immense strength. Each offers what the other lacks. But, there is room for a whole lot of mistrust and it can even break up a company if communication isn’t established early on, before the stakes get high.

Creative Blue recently worked with two such founders.

The Visionary

Our first founder is already famous, particularly for his role in developing one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

He’s a true visionary. Not only did he develop a lot of the software tools many streamers use today, he was also a famous streamer himself. He used this talent to start a talent agency,  leveraging his experience and network to significantly boost the visibility and careers of the creatives he represents. He’s incredibly effective.

However, the challenge he’s faced is in scaling his business model. You can hear it in the way he talks – he’s incredibly creative to the point where an outsider might think he lacks the ability to focus. Really, he’s just got ten plates spinning at once.

His agency’s success, thus far, has been closely tied to his personal involvement and decision-making. As the business grows, the need for a structure that allows it to operate independently of his day-to-day input has become evident. This isn’t just about growing the business in size; it’s about ensuring its operational model is sustainable and scalable, allowing the business to expand without compromising the vision that made him so successful in the first place.

The Technocrat

The second founder embodies that “Wozniak” essence of technical expertise and operational acumen. He’s at the helm of a tech company that has carved out a reputation for developing secure and reliable software.

He’s not just building a product; he’s constructing a robust system that can grow and adapt without compromising its core functionality. His skill lies in simplifying processes and ensuring that every element of the operation aligns with the company’s broader objectives.

He has the tools to help the first founder reign in and scale his free-wheeling vision. If you don’t learn to respect his less flashy skills, your company will crash and burn.

That’s where we came in.

Crafting a Narrative Unites Opposites

The potential danger of two opposing dynamics like that is they could not appreciate the talents of the other, begin to jockey for power, and when things get difficult, fall out and probably take the company with them. We’ve seen it happen.

Creative Blue’s task was to unite these diverse talents into a singular, coherent strategy. Our approach involved understanding and respecting the unique strengths of each founder. We focused on demonstrating how their differing skills complement each other, creating a balanced and effective partnership.

We highlighted the creative founder’s ability to generate innovative ideas and the operational expert’s skill in implementing these ideas efficiently. This narrative served as a tool to showcase their collective potential to investors.

Being an outside third party, we could say, “This is your strength. You stay in this lane.”, and they were much more likely to agree than if they had said it to each other.

The Result

The outcome of our intervention was a clear, straightforward narrative that articulated the unique value of their partnership.

This story became the foundation of their pitch for investment in their new venture, which is now being shopped around for investments in the tens of millions.